How I healed a sinus infection without antibiotics

Last weekend Minneapolis had a heat wave and while everyone else was riding bikes and grilling outside, I was laid up in bed with some very angry sinus pain. Not fun. But that was a week ago, and now this weekend is almost here, and I'm feeling great and ready to get back on the saddle (literally and figuratively).

A few patients this week asked me if I took antibiotics to get over my sinus woes, and were surprised when I told them I didn't. Their next question was always: "How?"

How Do You Know When Acupuncture Is Working?

Many patients visit my clinic as a last ditch effort for their health. They've seen their primary physician, one or many specialists, and possibly other integrative care practitioners before they decide to give acupuncture a shot. By this time, their symptoms may have been present anywhere between 6 months to several decades. At this point, their condition is clinically considered "chronic".

Acupuncture isn't a magic pill. There are times when it can produce almost miraculous results - I've seen it myself - but those are generally the exception, not the rule. You can't expect a chronic condition of several years resolve in one or two sessions. Acupuncture works cumulatively - just like strength training or learning a new language. As I discuss in this blog post, the frequency and length of treatment varies from patient to patient. And while the primary symptoms might not abate in the first few treatments, there are other markers you can look for to know when acupuncture is working for you.

Why All Athletes Should Get Acupuncture

Kobe Bryant does it. So does McKayla Moroney. Dee Dee Trotter even brought someone to London with her in order to continue her treatments during the Olympic games. What’s their secret to functioning at the professional athletic level? Acupuncture.

Once only thought of as a last resort for people with low back pain, people with conditions varying from autoimmune diseases to generalized anxiety are now turning to acupuncture for help. This is especially true for active individuals. Athletes of all levels are embracing the benefits that acupuncture produces: quicker recovery time after strenuous workouts, help healing from injuries, less anxiety during competitions, and the list goes on and on.