Bring more wellness to your workplace with our off-site offerings.

Our offsite wellness services can help cultivate a culture of health and wellness in your organization, promoting improved self-care behaviors, reduced stress, and an elevated workplace environment.

I reached out to Constellations Acupuncture & Healing Arts when I wanted to offer programming for our constituents to encourage healthy habits and practices. The professionals at Constellation developed three perfect sessions that achieved my exact desires and outcomes! The Self-care, Healthy Eating, and Community Acupuncture sessions offered our creative constituents tools and ideas that will help them be better in their work and lives. I highly recommend Constellation for group learning and experiences.
— Bethany Whitehead, Program and Communications Director at Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

What types of off-site services do we offer?

  • Lunch-n-learn style lectures on various health and wellness topics

  • Hands on workshops focused on herbal medicine, Chinese food therapy, and more

  • Group or community-style acupuncture or energy medicine

  • Group yoga and meditation classes

  • Group Breathwork circles

  • Intuitive Tarot readings

Programming can be customized to fill an hour or a full day, depending on your team's dreams, needs, and budget. 

The acupuncturists at Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts provide relaxation sessions for our students during the stress of finals. They create welcoming atmosphere that engages students who are unfamiliar with acupuncture, helping to explain the benefits and sooth anyone who may be timid. The sessions have been a great success and we’ve enjoyed having the Constellation team come back to our campus each semester for the past several years.
— Brett Smith, Assistant Director Student Activities at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

How workplace wellness programs can help your organization and employees:

  • Elevate workplace environment with a culture of health and wellness

  • Encourage engagement and improved stress management practices

  • Educate team on actionable health and wellness self-care behaviors

  • Promote improved physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Foster mindfulness, intuition, resilience, creativity, productivity, and effective communication

We had such a wonderful experience when your team came into our office to teach us how creatives can manage stress. It was not only interactive and educational, but also a great bonding experience for our company!
— Anita Nelson, President at IN Food Marketing & Design

Organizations we’ve worked with in the past:

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