Breathwork is a way to move stuck energy and emotions through the physical body.

Breathwork is a type of active meditation that can facilitate self-healing, help connect you with your inner wisdom and deep intuition, and support you in releasing what's no longer serving you. The beauty of this work is that through the breath, you can process your emotions, past trauma, and current challenges, all while bypassing the thinking brain. This creates a powerful shift that can help you move through transitions in life with more ease.

Breathwork might be right for you if:

  • You feel like you're ready for an emotional release that is facilitated with love and compassion

  • You feel "stuck" and don't know why

  • You're having difficulty in opening up your heart or increasing your ability to receive love and support

  • You would like to let go of any limiting stories or beliefs that are holding you back from being the fullest version of yourself

I really didn’t know what to expect going into the Breathwork session, but Amy immediately helped me feel at ease and explained the process in a way that made me very comfortable. Amy has an amazing ability to immediately create an environment of trust and acceptance, which allowed me to get the most out of my session.

Prior to the session I felt very stagnant and stuck emotionally, but as soon as the session ended I wanted to do it again! Once I surrendered to my breath and the process, I felt an emotional release and had a lot of emotional clarity over the next few days. I will definitely be booking another session with Amy and truly believe it’s something that everyone should experience for themselves.
— Jennifer

During a breathwork session, you'll lie on a massage table, fully clothed, and be guided through a specific breathing technique while Amy intuitively guides you through your experience. Tools such as essential oils, crystals, herbal smoke, and other forms of energy clearing might be used during your session as well. While patients often experience a lot of varying physical sensations during the session (tingling, vibration, tightness, floaty), a general commonality afterwards is a deep sense of peacefulness and calm.

We offer a variety of breathwork options at the clinic:

  • A 60-min Breathwork only appointment (with 5-10 minutes conversation/coaching before and after) for an exchange of $125

  • A longer 75-min Breathwork + Reiki + Coaching appointment (with a longer Reiki assisted rest at the end of the session) for an exchange of $175

  • A longer 90-min Beathwork + Reiki + Coaching appointment (with a longer Reiki assisted rest and an in-depth tarot-led coaching conversation beforehand) for an exchange of $222

  • We also offer group breathwork regularly (view upcoming events here for more info and registration)

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Common questions

What is breathwork?

It’s a style of active breathing that, in its simplest form, encourages you to breath deeply into your belly, then up into your chest, and then release the breath from the mouth. The purpose is to stir up the emotional center of the body (the 2nd and 3rd chakras), bring that energy up to the heart center (heart chakra) to wash it with love, and then release the energy through the mouth.

What if I already do some breathwork as part of my daily yoga practice. Is this the same thing?

The breathwork that Amy is trained in has roots in pranayama philosophy, but it’s not exactly the same. If you’re doing Kundalini breathing daily you’re doing something similar to the breathwork practiced at the clinic, but still different.

What is breathwork good for?

Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing it’s not good for! But to be more specific, I’ve found that it’s exceptionally useful for the following:

  • Moving through a crossroads in life with more grace and ease

  • Forgiving old grudges and personal pain

  • Physically releasing old trauma that’s still being stored in the body

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Living with chronic disease

  • Connecting with source energy

  • Increasing creativity and inspiration

How long is a session?

We offer three lengths of sessions at our clinic. The first is an hour long session that includes 45 minutes of guided breathing. The second is a 75-min session that includes a longer rest time with gentle Reiki healing. The third option is a 90-minute session that includes time for some tarot and health coaching before the breathing and Reiki during the extended rest time.

Are you just breathing the whole time and that’s it?

The appointment starts with a check-in and discussion around what brought you to this work. Then we’ll set an intention for the session and start the active breath. You’ll continue with the active breath for about 35-min while Amy intuitively leads your body through different clearing methods to help facilitate any necessary energy clearings. After, you’ll rest with your normal breath rate for several minutes while your body and mind integrate the healing work.

Why can breathwork create such intense sensations and be so effective?

During the active breath the mind gets out of the way and let’s the body do the work it instinctively knows how to do. That’s the true beauty of this work! So often we over analyze our problems to death - without ever truly clearing them from our physical and energetic selves. This work completely bypasses the thinking brain and focuses only on the physical and energetic brains. It’s because of this focus on the physical and energetic selves that so much sensation occurs in the body during a breathwork session (tingling, heaviness, tightness, floating sensations, etc).

Meet our trained breathwork facilitator:

Amy Kuretsky

Amy originally found breathwork in 2017 through fellow acupuncturist, Erin Telford. During her first breathwork session she was blown away by the strong qi sensations she felt in her body - stronger than anything she had felt after years of acupuncture. This initial session drastically opened up her intuitive channel and helped her gain clarity and confidence around many decisions in her life. Soon after, she began her training with her teacher, David Elliott, and has since completed his four-part breathwork healer training. Amy has worked with breathwork clients on everything from healing grief after a loved one passed to managing chronic pain from trauma. Click here to learn more about Amy.

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