Herbal medicine uses plants to help heal.

The natural world carries such incredible healing potential. Herbal medicine is the administration of herbs in specific doses. Based on a patient’s unique symptoms and presentation, a combination of herbs is selected to treat the symptoms, achieve better balance in the body, and prevent the onset of symptoms in the future. Herbal formulas are most commonly administered in pills, powders, tinctures, or as dried herbs that are prepared as boiled tea called a decoction. For some conditions, herbs are prepared for topical application or for soaking. Herbs are also used in moxibustion, an important modality in Chinese medicine. In moxibustion, a preparation of ai ye (Artemesia argyi folium, aka mugwort) is burned and held over the surface of the skin to introduce a deeply warming, moving, supportive energy to the body. Herbs are awesome!

I have been on a number of medications for many years. These medications inhibited me from being able to adequately treat seasonal allergies with over-the-counter options, and my sinus and breathing issues during certain times of the year were severe. I discussed the option of Chinese herbal medicine to relieve sinus congestion and was given a pill herbal formula to take during times of sinus issues. All I can say is “wow”! I am able to obtain relief within an hour or two with no side effects. I also use it as a preventative when I know pollen exposure is likely. I am very thankful for this herbal formula!
— Jeff, retired

In addition to herbal medicine, we also provide:

Lifestyle Education & Food Therapy

The lifestyle choices we make each day are some of the most important choices we make. Daily schedules, diet, sleep, stress management, spirituality, physical activity, ergonomics at home and at work, finding time for fun and relaxation amidst work and commitments, big life transitions — all of these things play a huge role in our health and wellbeing.

Food therapy is an incredibly effective way to address a variety of health concerns, promote healing, achieve balance from the inside out, and preventing the onset of disease and illness. This form of dietary counseling encourages mindful practices about what, when, and how we eat and drink. 

“Dietary therapy is the highest level of healing as it forces consciousness to evolve. The effects of dietary therapy are far reaching as food satisfies both physical hunger and emotional hunger.”

Dr. Jeffrey Yuen

We can work together to develop a plan that helps you support yourself everyday, one step at a time.

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