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How I healed a sinus infection without antibiotics

Last weekend Minneapolis had a heat wave and while everyone else was riding bikes and grilling outside, I was laid up in bed with some very angry sinus pain. Not fun. But that was a week ago, and now this weekend is almost here, and I'm feeling great and ready to get back on the saddle (literally and figuratively).

A few patients this week asked me if I took antibiotics to get over my sinus woes, and were surprised when I told them I didn't. Their next question was always: "How?"

Ice is For Dead People

That’s the old Chinese adage that first came to mind when I read a recent blog post on injuries. Traditional Chinese medicine has known for centuries that ice is detrimental to healing injured tissue, and now it seems that some western MD’s might be coming around to the same conclusion.

Ice is great at preserving things in a fixed state.

Ice is great for keeping my meat CSA fresh throughout the winter, but you’ll never find me icing my shoulder after one too many pull-ups.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Wanna know the #1 question I get asked when people find out I'm an acupuncturist?

"Does it hurt?"

OK, I get it. I say "needle" and the first thing that pops into your head is "pain." But acupuncture is known to treat pain, not cause it!

The simplest answer to your question is, "No." In fact, many of my patients fall into such a deep state of relaxation that they will often fall asleep on my massage table. A handful of them even snore! The rest of them get so zoned out during treatments, they get up afterward and feel like they've been at a Grateful Dead concert for way too long. Yep, they're acu-stoned.