pain management

Cupping gives muscle pain relief!

Cupping is the practice of creating a vacuum in glass or plastic cups, creating suction effect on the skin and muscles. The cups can be left stationary or can be moved over the skin’s surface. Cupping feels a lot like a strong deep tissue massage, but isn’t painful. The suction can penetrate up to four inches deep. Most people find cupping relaxing and refreshing.

Thoracic Spine Health and Back Pain

Your thorax is the part of your body between your neck and your abdomen, so your thoracic spine is that mid-to-upper back area around your shoulders. Frequently, people associate back pain with the lumbar or lower spine, but much of those pain problems might actually originate from issues the thoracic spine. Thoracic issues can also lead to shoulder pain, neck stiffness or pain, and a host of other problems throughout the body. 

The thoracic area is the central part of the S-curve of your spine, and has the ability to flex, extend and axially rotate. The thoracic region is also the longest portion of your spine, and the only one attached to the rib cage. As you can imagine, the health of your thoracic spine is going to have a huge impact on the other portions of your back. With 12 vertebrae, the Thoracic spine is the most complicated portion of the spine, and therefore a good place to look if you are dealing with bodily pain. There are two major types of thoracic issues I see daily in the gym that can contribute to back pain issues.