Tatum Fjerstad yoga craniosacral therapy

Tatum Fjerstad



Craniosacral Therapist, Yoga, Meditation, Chinese Medicine Student

Tatum Fjerstad is a recovering people pleaser with a great sense of humor. She calls herself “a human being who teaches others how to be okay with being human.” She does this by offering craniosacral therapy and teaching our Yoga + Acupuncture classes at Water Bar & Public Studios. She is also in her second year of at Northwestern Health Science University where she is pursuing her masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Tatum has more than 8 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation all over the U.S. and sometimes in Canada. She decided to take on the grueling, life-changing task of becoming an acupuncturist because of the incredible impact it had on managing her anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestion issues. In an effort to get better acquainted with the body and learn how sense the subtle but impactful imbalances in the nervous system, she also decided to dive into Craniosacral Therapy during her first year of school. This incredibly gentle and deeply healing practice has given her a newfound respect for the body’s ability to heal itself.

When she’s not at the clinic, at school, or teaching yoga she’s hanging out with her sweet, handsome boyfriend, his son and their tuxedo cat, Gary, in their cozy apartment in Northeast Minneapolis.

As a participant of her yoga classes, I trusted the gentle instruction of Tatum and was interested in craniosacral therapy for anxiety and post-traumatic stress from a car wreck. Per expected, Tatum’s presence and energy was calm and inviting, which allowed for an easy transition into the mindfulness of the evening. After just one session, I could see the difference it made, bringing much clarity.
— Celina M.