Sarah White massage

Sarah White

CMT, CYT, OM Community Coach in Healing Justice


Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Vinyasa Yoga, Community Organizing, Sister Circles, Food Justice, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (in training)

Specialties: pain, deep relaxation, emotional liberation through the normalization of body work in communities of color, spirit and body connection, releasing trauma stored in body systems

Sarah White has been holding space and bringing community together with healing and justice as far back as she remembers. What first started as a journey as a musician, lyricist, and photographer soon moved into a deeper focus on body systems themselves when she found out she was to be a mother. This is when herbalism, holistic mothering, natural birth practices and yoga came into her life like a storm. Learning first that breath was such an untapped resource in much of her community, she started to unbirth the expansiveness within her own body. Deep studies of Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Urban Farming in New York lead her back to Minneapolis to get certified to teach yoga via Radiant Life Yoga (200hr), and another in the deep jungles of Costa Rica via Sacred Brooklyn (200hr).

After studies in environmental science, a path opened to participate in a cohort with Dr. Joi (Joi Unlimited) and do a 250hr deep study in trauma, both individual and collective, that we hold onto in our physical bodies, relational fields, and even pass on through our bodies to future generations. These studies in the “Orange Method” of Community Coaching in Healing Justice, brought all of the passions and paths together towards healing. Towards seeing each other deeper. Through touch, through food, through visuals, through sound. Deep breath of release for this overlapping affirmation.

Sarah is now certified in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage (PureLux Yoga) and is studying into our deeper embryonic, fascia, and nervous systems, soon to be certified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (Body Intelligence).

As a mother of two, activist, lover of plants and water, photographic story teller, songstress, soundscape artist and lover of love, this path is never dull, but always reminding her of gratitude.

All bodies welcome!

Reduced rate options for BIPOC, always.

The body & energy work that Sarah offers feels like an amalgamation of all of her artistry, skills & talents all lending themselves perfectly to her practice as a healer. Her devotion to quality & attention to detail is present like any other art-form or medium she chooses to share with community. She has an amazing intuition of how much attention & focus to give to the areas of your body that need it, whether you knew they did or not. You can feel the positive vibrations within the spaces she works in & her selection of soundscapes & music amplify the experience & add another layer to the appreciation I have for her work. Besides helping me to alleviate physical injuries & release pain, after sessions I’ve experienced increased flexibility & balance, calmness & overall relaxation. Working with Sarah has also inspired me to increase my own inward awareness & helped refresh my focus on my own healing journey.
— Jordan Hamilton -
Sarah White has an uncanny sense of a person’s body. I struggle with fibromyalgia, and don’t ever experience true relief from that pain. However, Sarah’s massages have done wonders to my pain management. I doubt I’ll ever go to another massage therapist again, because hers are the best I’ve ever received. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s just the truth. I really love deep-tissue massages, because it helps combat my muscle pain. Sarah was able to reach this using a different method, so I didn’t experience the sore after-pain that usually accompanies deep tissue. Not only that, but Sarah approaches your treatment holistically; I felt that my needs were understood, and that for the time that she was treating me, I was given a three-dimensional experience that helped me release the tension in my body, my mind, and my spirit. I’ve never slept so well in my life. Go see Sarah White- her hands heal.
— Emeline O'Hara
Sarah is truly magical! She brings a unique, intuitive approach into all aspects of her bodywork. I was dealing with a traumatic body injury that affected my muscles, nerves and mindset. She was able to guide my mind and body into a space where I could release my attachment to the pain and begin a process of healing. She works with bodies because she deeply loves people and the vibrational possibility of energetic intention. She has dedicated time, focus and artfulness into cultivating a beautiful, personal healing practice and we’re so fortunate that she is willing to share it.
— Tricia Heuring, Director - Curator at Public Functionary