Looking for a new approach to skincare? Want to maintain your current vibrancy for years to come? Preparing for a large event and want to look and feel your best?

Facial Rejuvenation can help!

Facial Rejuvenation promotes a radiant complexion from the inside out, improving skin health while promoting whole-self well-being.

This specialized combination of facial and body acupuncture, gentle facial massage and cupping, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations can improve your complexion now, while improving skin health and general well-being to prevent lines and blemishes and promote vibrancy in the future. 

During the Facial Rejuvenation sessions, I experienced an overall smoothing of my skin, and friends commented that I had a glow. At the end of treatments I noticed that I generally looked younger. I was very pleased with the results!
— Terry, student

What Facial Rejuvenation Can Do For You

A Facial Rejuvenation treatment series can help to:

  • reduce fine lines
  • soften and level deeper lines
  • gently lift jawline and neck 
  • lighten under-eye circles 
  • reduce acne and rosacea flare-ups
  • soften skin and increase vibrancy
  • smooth cheeks and reduce acne scarring 
  • reduce redness and even skin tone
  • fade of age spots and sun damage

In addition to cosmetic changes, you may also experience:

  • increased energy
  • improved sleep
  • reduction in anxiety
  • brighter looking eyes 
  • fewer hot flashes and night sweats 
  • resolution of mild headaches 

How does Facial Rejuvenation work?

Hair-thin sterile needles are gently inserted in the skin of the face causing a micro-trauma to the skin. The body perceives this as an injury and sends fibroblasts (cells that form collagen and elastin) to the needled sites to promote healing, as well as to the skin of the entire face. Needles are also inserted in the body, to help promote general health and encourage calm. Gentle facial massage and cupping helps to move lymph fluid to reduce puffiness, reduces muscle tension, and is deeply relaxing. As a result, skin tone improves, skin becomes more supple, the face is lifted, and you experience improvements in other areas of your health too! 

Beyond the visual effects, I found Facial Rejuvenation to be an incredibly relaxing experience - it helped with my mild anxiety and sleep issues.
— Anna, lawyer

How many treatments are needed to see results, and how much does it cost?

If you are new to our clinic and are interested in the 12-session package, you will start with a 90-minute New Patient Facial Rejuvenation Consult & Treatment. In this session, we'll discuss your health history and wellness goals, and skincare and lifestyle coaching. We'll work together to decide if the 12-session Facial Rejuvenation package is the best fit for you now, or if a treatment plan to support deeper health and wellbeing is most appropriate first. Then, you'll receive a treatment with acupuncture and other modalities!

Are you already a patient at our clinic? Awesome! Talk to us at your next appointment and we'll help you decide if this package is a good fit for you!

The standard course of Facial Rejuvenation treatment is 12 sessions: two treatments each week, for six weeks, with treatments at least two days apart. All twelve sessions are 75 minutes, allowing time for facial and body acupuncture and specialized facial massage and cupping. We will also make recommendations about daily skincare, diet, lifestyle, and self-care to help you get the best results possible. 

To maintain results, it is best to repeat each treatment course of 12 sessions two to four times a year, depending on your skin health, age, lifestyle, and general wellbeing. Alternatively, after an initial course of 12 treatments, single Facial Rejuvenation treatments could be utilized twice a month indefinitely. Receiving regular treatments will also benefit your general health, allowing you to look, and feel, your best. 

Facial Rejuvenation treatment cost

  • New Patient Facial Rejuvenation Consult & Treatment: $125 for one 90-minute appointment
  • 12-session Facial Rejuvenation package: single payment of $1,200 for twelve 75-minute appointments, to be scheduled twice weekly for six weeks
  • Single Facial Rejuvenation follow-up maintenance appointments: $125 per 75-minute appointment, for patients who have already completed an entire 12-session treatment course

Questions about treatment cost or packages? Please contact us using the form below!

What to Expect

  • Just like with “regular” acupuncture treatments, results from Facial Rejuvenation can be from subtle to dramatic. Everyone will respond differently, and we cannot guarantee a specific outcome. Age, lifestyle, skin health, and general well-being will influence the results of treatment. In general, younger patients with less significant lines, blemishes, and skin damage will see results more quickly and will maintain results longer. 
  • Patients with significant sun damage or chronic skin conditions may need to complete two full courses of treatment, or more, to see significant results.
  • Lifestyle makes a difference! The quality of your digestion, how much water you drink, your diet, nicotine and alcohol use, your sleep habits, and your stress management behaviors all influence the health of your skin and the efficacy of the treatments. 
  • People must be in relatively good health to receive Facial Rejuvenation treatments and achieve results. There are some health conditions and lifestyle habits for which receiving Facial Rejuvenation is not recommended. We can help you decide if Facial Rejuvenation is right for you! 
  • Due to the frequency and intensity of treatments, these sessions may not be appropriate for people who are extremely sensitive to acupuncture or fearful of needles. We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your treatments - so if you have any questions, please ask!

Want to learn more about Facial Rejuvenation?

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