Wake up with a stiff neck? Train a little too hard at the gym yesterday? Feel like you're coming down with a cold?

Constellation Cupping Club - our cupping membership - can help!

This monthly subscription service makes it easy to get ongoing care at an affordable price. 

We are expanding the Cupping Club hours! Starting 9/4/18, hours are:
Tuesdays 9am-1pm, Wednesdays 3-7pm, Fridays 10am-6pm

Cupping is the only type of body work that I have found to be impactful and effective when it comes to truly releasing tissue at the deepest level. I’m an evangelist! After going once a week for three months, then every two weeks for three months, there was a lightness in my body I hadn’t felt for over a decade. I swear not only does it help the physical body, but it also sucks the weird energy in our bodies that is linked to our soul. For any athlete, casual to professional, I believe cupping is a must for our regular health routines.
— Rebecca, ultra-trail runner and skier

What Cupping Club treatments can do for you:

  • Improve headache symptoms: reduce the severity, frequency, and intensity of tension headaches and migraines
  • Relieve body aches, pain, and tension: break up stagnant muscle and connective tissues to help reduce discomfort and promote healing  
  • Promote athletic performance recovery: increase blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, help you recover faster from training sessions 
  • Reduce cold symptoms: help reduce chest congestion and coughing, promote detoxification, support the immune system
  • Manage asthma and allergies: support healthy lung function, reduce chest tightness 
  • Enhance digestion: help reduce bloating and pressure in the abdomen, promote regular bowel movements
  • Lessen anxiety, stress, and insomnia: calm the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, help move out old emotions and energy that may leave you feeling stuck
  • Support maintenance care and prevention: enhance general wellness and help prevent the aggravation of old symptoms as well as the development of new symptoms -- perfect for patients in the maintenance stage of their treatment plan 

For thousands of years, cupping has been used throughout the world as a powerful healing modality. Cupping refers to the practice of using glass, plastic, or silicone cups to create a suction effect on the skin. Cups can be left stationary or can be moved over the skin’s surface, and it feels a lot like a really good massage. It’s one our favorite therapies and endlessly versatile!

How the Cupping Club works:

Constellation Cupping Club is a monthly subscription service that offers walk-in and same-day cupping appointments. As a Cupping Club member, you can receive up to four 20-minute cupping sessions each month. Cupping Club hours are Tuesdays 9am-1pm, Wednesdays 3-7pm, and Friday 10am-4pm. 

Constellation Cupping Club membership fees: 

  • $60 monthly fee 

The monthly fee is billed to a credit or debit card on the day of the month that you initially sign up (for example, if you sign up on the 15th, you will be billed the 15th of each following month). From that day, you will have four credits for cupping club appointments until the next billing date. Any credits not used before the end of that billing cycle will be forfeited and you can cancel the service at any time. 

Once you’re in the club, there are two ways to come in for an treatment.

  • Schedule online: Book during our Cupping Club hours using our online scheduling system. You can book appointments online starting two weeks in advance of your desired time. You can even schedule last-minute, up to 30 minutes before your session! (Please note that any no-show or missed scheduled Cupping Club appointments will be counted as one of your four sessions.)

  • Walk-in: Visit the clinic during our Cupping Club hours, relax with a cup of tea in the waiting room, and we’ll get you on the table as soon as we can! 

Cupping Club sessions are about 20 minutes long, giving us the opportunity for a quick check-in before your treatment begins. You’ll have time to rest, and then go on to the rest of your day feeling refreshed. 

Cupping Club treatments are different from our Cupping & Tuina Massage appointments in a few ways:

  • Cupping Club treatments: 20-min treatments, appointments easily available same-day (including walk-in!), easy to fit in over a lunch hour or work break, lower priced option for ongoing maintenance care
  • Cupping & Tuina Massage appointments: 60-min or 30-min treatments, includes more one-on-one time for discussion, coaching, treatment personalization, hands-on bodywork, and may include additional modalities such as Reiki, stone medicine, and Guided Breathwork

One example: an athlete training for an event would benefit from the Cupping Club as part of their regular training recovery plan. After their event, a 60-min session would offer more in-depth restoration and recovery.

Another example: a person who experiences frequent back pain and tension headaches would benefit from weekly cupping club sessions for maintenance and prevention, with a 60-min session every 3-6 weeks for an in-depth tune-up. 

Not sure which option is best for you? We can help you decide! Send us a message in the form at the bottom of this page.

Ready to join the Club?

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If you’re new to Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts…

We want to get to know you better! Before signing up for the Cupping Club, please book a $60 New Patient Cupping Club appointment. We will discuss your health history and wellness goals, and then you’ll get a treatment. We can help get you signed up for the Cupping Club at your visit! 

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