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How I healed a sinus infection without antibiotics

Last weekend Minneapolis had a heat wave and while everyone else was riding bikes and grilling outside, I was laid up in bed with some very angry sinus pain. Not fun. But that was a week ago, and now this weekend is almost here, and I'm feeling great and ready to get back on the saddle (literally and figuratively).

A few patients this week asked me if I took antibiotics to get over my sinus woes, and were surprised when I told them I didn't. Their next question was always: "How?"

Natural cold remedies: ginger-scallion tea

You know when you suddenly have that achy feeling in your neck and shoulders, slight chills, a light fever, fatigue, and a slight headache? Maybe you start sneezing uncontrollably, and your nose starts dripping. Ah yes, you’re “coming down with something”! Oh no!

With the right self-care, you can often kick that cold out before it starts developing into something nasty. Thankfully, ginger and scallion are the perfect herbal allies for those early-onset cold symptoms! Ginger and scallion work together to warm you up from the inside out, produce a light sweat, and kick that cold from the surface of your body. Take that, cold!