Acupuncture is the insertion of ultra-thin needles into the skin and muscle at specific points on the body.

Through the stimulation of these points, acupuncture can treat a variety of physical and emotional conditions by restoring normal function and balance to the various body systems. Treatments are based on Chinese medicine theory, diagnosis, and practice, a system of medicine that has been developed and practiced for over 2,000 years.

I had been suffering from some severe congestion for almost a year which was causing me to lose a lot of hearing. After tons of checkups, meds, and scans, the ENT gave up and released me from care. I honestly felt like I was losing my mind until a friend recommended acupuncture. Within one acu session, I could hear! It was surreal, like I was finally myself again.
— Krista, artist/performer

Other services offered include:


Auriculotherapy is based on the approach that specific points on the ear can be used to stimulate healing and restore balance to the body’s physiological and psychological structures and processes. Points are stimulated with needles, small metal tacks, or small taped on metal beads or vaccaria seeds (Wang Bu Liu Xing, a Chinese herb). Auricular acupuncture is especially effective for pain management, substance abuse detoxification and recovery, and the management of chronic health conditions.


Also referred to as electroacupuncture, electrostimulation is a type of acupuncture treatment where needles inserted into the body are connected to a small electrical current. Electrostimulation is an effective treatment for a wide range of neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Bell’s Palsy, as well as musculoskeletal injuries and pain, and digestive disorders such as constipation.

Korean hand therapy

Korean hand therapy is a system of medicine that uses stimulation of points on the hands to address a wide range of health concerns. Stimulation is achieved through massage, small needles, or taped-on small metal beads. Korean hand therapy is a gentle procedure that is easy for patients to incorporate into self-care practices at home.


Shonishin is a type of needle-free Japanese pediatric acupuncture. Rather than using insertive needles, Shonishin utilizes a variety of small, smooth metal tools to gently stimulate the surface of the skin in specific locations. Children respond very well to Shonishin, and often become very relaxed during treatment. And kids love to look at and play with the Shonishin tools!

Needle-Free Treatments

Want a treatment but aren’t comfortable with needles? No needles, no problem. We have experience treating patients of all ages with a unique and effective combination of needle-free approaches. We can work together to find the right combination of modalities that works for you!

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